Friday, June 29, 2012

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Changes are coming

Stay tuned excuse the mess while I get things figured out!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bottle strike

My child has never had an issue switching from breast to bottle. He's never complained about taking a bottle, never cared what kind of nipple was going in his mouth. Well I guess he likes to keep Mommy on her toes because that all changed last week. After him being sick, my supply was tanking badly so we had to start supplementing with formula... no big deal. He was getting 4-6oz of formula a day and nursing the rest. Then suddenly, after he had already downed one can of formula (a small sample size can), he decided it was no good. Now, if you come at him with a bottle, he will push it away, close his mouth, turn his head and scream like you are torturing him. Thankfully, I've been able to get my supply back up some so he's not starving but I really wish he would take a bottle again so mommy could have a little break sometimes. Maybe he will change his mind soon. Hopefully.

His 6 month appointment was supposed to be on Tuesday (1-31) but we took him in on Monday to have his ears rechecked from the infection, so they went ahead and did his well-baby check-up. He is now 16lbs, 8oz and 25" long. His left ear is (was) still slightly infected so he got some different antibiotics and he got 4 shots. The dr was a little concerned about his weight gain (or lack thereof) but I really think it has to do with him being sick. Needless to say, this week has been hell between the shots, teething and bottle strike. Oh and he hates purees.

He thinks the paper on the exam table is the coolest thing ever! 

We have had some good news this week though. Great news, actually. Curtis had an interview on Monday and they offered him the job on the spot! :) YAYAYAYAY!!! It will be weird at first because we have gotten used to having him home but it will be ok... we needed it!!

And a little more good news... I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!! Huge congrats to my brother and his fiance! I am so excited for yall!!!

Oh and keep an eye out... there is a very good possibility Zachary will be getting his own blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Half a year

That's how long it has been since I gave birth to the most amazing little boy ever. I seriously could not imagine my life without him. He brings us so much joy each and every day.

He celebrated in a big way today. It was his first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant like a big boy, followed by a shopping cart at Walmart.

But the biggest event of all came tonight...The transition to his very own bed! He has done so well already. I put him down and patted his butt and rubbed his head while he fought sleep pretty hard. Then it dawned on me that he's used to sleeping with a fan on in our room, so I moved the fan to his room and he went RIGHT to sleep. He woke up once about an hour and a half later for his paci and went right back to sleep. I was even able to steal my fan back (he's not the only one used to sleeping with it on) and he didn't wake up.

It is weird for me though. For the last 6 months, he has slept in his RnP right next to me or in bed with me. He's just getting too big entirely too fast.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Out with the old

Happy New Year. Bloggers! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your families and friends! 

It has been CRAZY around here... Clay and Alex were here for almost 2 weeks, which was awesome except for Clay being sick for most of it. They got here on Wednesday before Christmas and by Friday, he was throwing up, running fever... the poor kid just looked like death. He was sick like that all through Christmas and finally started feeling better a day or 2 after. Now Zachary is getting over RSV and a double ear infection. He started feeling yucky last Friday and by Monday, we were at the doctor. Now we are doing breathing treatments at home and antibiotics... my poor little guy has been such a trooper. Even as crappy as he feels, he's still happy (though, clingy) and playful. He's taking his breathing treatments like a champ... he hardly fusses during them. 

We had a great Christmas and the kids were spoiled rotten by Santa and the grandparents... we are very blessed to having such loving families! I haven't quite figured out what Zac's favorite present was though... he is fascinated by his new toys! 

My baby boy is now just over 5 months old and weighs 15 pounds. We are just starting to introduce solids but this week has been hard because he's been sick. It's all I can do to get him to nurse with his ears being infected and my supply is taking a hit :( I'm just thankful I had a freezer stash to fall back on. 

Alrighty... I can barely hold my eyes open anymore! Goodnight friends!