Some abbreviations I use

I know I have a few readers that might feel like I'm speaking Greek sometimes, so here is a list of some abbreviations I may use.

AF = Aunt Flow

AW = Attention Whore

BBT = Basal Body Temperature/Thermometer

BD = Baby Dance (sex)

BF = Breast Feeding

BFN = Big Fat Negative

BFP = Big Fat Positive

BFPB = Big Fat Positive Buddy

BM = Birth Mother; Bowel Movement

BW = Blood Work

CBEFM = ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor

CD = Cycle Day

CF = Cervical Fluid

CH = Crosshairs

CM = Cervical Mucus

CP = Chemical Pregnancy; Cervical Position

DD = Dirty Delete

DH = Darling/Dear Husband

DPO = Days Past Ovulation

DS/DD = Darling Son/Daughter

FF = Fertility Friend

FMU = First Morning Urine

IVF = In-Vitro Fertilization

KU = Knocked Up

M/C = Miscarriage

M/S = Morning Sickness

O = Ovulation

OPK = Ovulation Predictor Kits

PC = Pampered Chef

PCOS = Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PG = Pregnant

PIAC = Pee in a Cup

POAS = Pee on a Stick

RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist

S/O = Significant Other; Speaking Of; Spin Off

SA = Sperm Analysis

SD = Stepdaughter

SS = Stepson

TCOYF = Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book)

TTA = Trying to Avoid

TTC = Trying To Conceive

U/S = Ultrasound