Monday, March 28, 2011


That has been me for the last 6 months or so.

I run my own business, but sometimes I think this is dangerous. You would it would be easier and less stressful, but because I don't have a "boss" and my willpower sucks, I just get lazy. I have a rough week and just say screw it.

It's a great business and I really love it. I get mad at myself all the time for not doing more. It's not like we couldn't use the money.

So, here is the deal. I WILL get off my butt. I WILL have at least 2 shows a month for the next 3 months. There is no reason I can't do this, other than I am lazy! I put my business on the back burner when I got pregnant, had to be on pelvic rest and all that fun stuff and I just haven't found my motivation to get it going again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

24 weeks!

Holy cow... that's viability! It's all starting to seem very real... especially when we can see my belly moving now!

Some people say "OMG you are already 24 weeks?!"

I say: "I'm only 24 weeks?!"

Seriously... I feel like I've been pregnant way longer than that. My back hurts. My feet hurt. I am not sleeping worth a damn. I'm just completely uncomfortable most of the time. And, while the anxiety is definitely starting to creep up on me, I'm still loving being pregnant. I love feeling him move. His little kicks are by far the greatest feeling in the world.

Yes, I look tired. Guess what... I am.

This shirt was a gift from my parents... I LOVE it! lol

This was also a gift from a "Secret Mommy" exchange. Curtis is a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan... he asked who he got to kiss for this one! lol

How far along?: 24w1d
How big is baby?:
Eggplant; 9in, 1.7lbs

Weight gain/loss?: +22 pounds
Stretch marks?:
None yet
Maternity clothes?:
Definitely, other than t-shirts and pj pants

Sleep?: haha… yes, please!
Food cravings?: queso, queso, queso
Still a boy!
Movement?: A little stronger every day. We can see my belly move now!
Belly button?:
Found by baby but unchanged
What are you looking forward to this week?:
nothing in particular… next appt and my bday in 2 weeks!

Friday, March 18, 2011


And a beautiful one it has been! The weather is gorgeous here and it's supposed to be an awesome weekend! After running some errands (windows down and music up, of course :)), I picked up my stepsons, who are spending Spring Break with us... YAY!!! It should be a fun week! I'm really hoping we can make it to the Dr. Seuss exhibit next week!

I also aquired a new family member along the way... a nameless 6 week old American Bulldog. I'm waiting for Curtis to get home so we pick a name as a family.

And I am now 23 weeks!

How far along?: 23w1d
How big is baby?:
The size of an ear of corn, 8.5 inches, 1.5 pounds
Weight gain/loss?: ~20 pounds... no scale at home so I'm not exactly sure

Stretch marks?:
None that I've noticed
Maternity clothes?:Yes

Not well. I've decided those days are over!
Food cravings?: Potatoes... fried, mashed, baked... It doesn't seem to matter what kind of potato.
Movement?: Stronger and more frequent
Belly button?: no change

What are you looking forward to this week?:
spending Spring Break with my stepsons and bonding with the new puppy

Friday, March 11, 2011

22 weeks - and a check up

Ok so I tried to post this on Friday, when it was fresh but blogger was being stubborn and I haven't been on the computer since!

Today was my 22 week appointment... relatively boring.
He measured my belly, listened to the baby (HR @ 140) and sent me on my way with this nasty little orange drink. I did learn that my blood pressure is a little elevated... 138/72, where I am normally around 110/60, so we are going to keep an eye on that. I guess it's a good thing I'm an MA, my aunt is an LPN and my grandma is an RN so that is covered! lol I am also up to 145 lbs. (from 125 pre-preg)... 10 of that has been in the last month.
So my next appointment is April 7th... the day before my birthday. It is the glucose/blood draw and pelvic exam appointment that they wanted to do ON my birthday but I wasn't having it... last year, I spent the morning in the drs office confirming that I was in fact miscarrying... I'd like to enjoy my birthday this year!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lazy Monday

What a weekend!! All I want to do today is SLEEP!! We had the kiddos this weekend and Curtis was off work (which is rare) so we spent the weekend with family, catching up and letting the cousins play. Of course I didn't take any pictures.... FAIL!

Mr. Zachary has been insanely active and I love it! However, I would love it more if he didn't think Mommy's cervix was his new football. It does not feel good! Curtis got a good kick the other night though and he was thrilled! He is starting to push everything up, which starts to hurt if I sit too long. I am starting to get winded more easily and the belly is growing. All of these things may be slightly painful or uncomfortable but I'm ok with that... it lets me know my little man is growing as he should.

Next OB appointment is Friday at 22w1d and we have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for April 13th - the week after my birthday and I can't wait!

So I will leave you with this today.... (and I plan to start doing these with belly pics but I'm not in the mood for a picture today! lol)

How far along: 21 weeks, 4 days
Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds
Stretchmarks: none yet
Sleep: broken by the frequent potty trips
Best Moment This Week: the super strong kick the other night when Daddy was trying to feel him move!
Movement: getting a lot more frequent and stronger! Starting to be able to feel him all the time, and not just when I'm completely still!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Too early for that!
Belly Button: Still in.
What I Miss: A full nights sleep and I'd love a drink right about now!
What I am Looking Forward to: More movements and growing. I can't wait to decorate his room!!
Milestones: Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash this week at about 8 inches and 1 whole pound and can perceive light and dark now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Shower gifts I made...

A good friend of mine is due in 2 weeks with her little boy and her shower was last weekend. They are doing a John Deere/Camo theme for him so I made a few things for little Hunter!

I LOVE this blanket!!! It is sooo soft!

Burp rag... I actually made 5 of these

My first wipes case! I'm hoping these will get easier! lol

Canvas basket

And the finished product! She was very happy with it!

20 weeks

Zachary Lee - in pictures

6 weeks 8 weeks

10 weeks 13 weeks

and the last 3 are at 18 weeks! I absolutely love the one of him "playing peek-a-boo" with us!!

I had several ultrasounds in the beginning because there was bleeding and my little man wanted to be difficult! We also have a 3D scheduled for April 13th!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have no excuses...

for my horribly bad blogging. I just forget about this thing I guess. But here goes... I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

The pregnancy has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Things have finally smoothed out and I am almost 21 weeks! Halfway there - PHEW! We found out a couple weeks ago that we are having a little boy - Zachary Lee. So that makes 3 boys (and a husband)... what on Earth am I going to do?! I could not be happier and and am getting VERY excited for his arrival!

In the beginning I was scared. Then I was sick. Then energetic. Now I am excited as hell and starting to get a little overwhelmed!

And I'm not sure if this is nesting or just plain boredom but I have been on this crazy organization and craft kick lately. I have been trying to get that room we call an office to look like a room and less like tornado alley.

Things could absolutely not be better right now and I am just on cloud 9. So I guess that's all for now... I WILL be posting more. Or I'll try.