Friday, October 30, 2009

New cycle, new options

Well I woke up with AF this morning I had an appointment with my RE to discuss the next cycle and had my baseline u/s. We talked with Dr. S about how to approach our next (and last) cycle. We discussed Clomid and decided we would stay at 100mg since that worked last time. Then she threw a curveball at us.

She said, since this is our last cyle before the move, we have the option of doing an IUI. Neither of us were expecting this and aren't real sure how we feel about it yet.

We will start Clomid on CD3 then OPKs about CD12. I go back in for a follie scan on CD14 (last cycle we did CD15 and I had already O'd so she wants to try to catch it before O to see what we are working with). We will decide before then if we will go forward with the IUI or leave it to Clomid.

I have also been an emotional mess.. I was so angry this morning and now I've just been crying off and on all day. I knew better than to get my hopes up so high!

Oh and do I dare even touch on my insurance company right now? My dr's office said, if we go with the IUI route, it would be covered at a $25 co-pay and my insurance is telling me its covered at 85/15. Make up my FVCKING mind!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One lonely line

That's what I saw this morning when I tested at 10dpo. I knew better... I knew it would be too early but I did it anyway (partially because of the huge temp jump I had this morning). I am just so hopeful this cycle but that one little line kinda crushed those hopes. I said I wouldn't be upset if I got a BFN this morning because it's so early but I still was.

So now I will be smart and wait til 12 or 13 dpo to test again. Curtis was so sweet when I told him it was a BFN. He said "Well honey, you knew it was too early and that this was a possibility. What if you never get a + on an HPT? Just wait a few days and try again... AF isn't here yet... it's not over" I love my husband!

Friday is our appointment to discuss the "results" of this cycle with Dr. S. If I still haven't gotten AF or a BFP, I will request a blood test just to be sure.

And here is a pic of my chart as of today...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello Phantom Symptoms!

Ok WTH... I know better than this! I'm only 6dpo and I'm going to drive myself insane. Everything from nausea to sore boobs to off and on cramping to dizzy spells.

I do have to say that my chart isn't helping matters... it is BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, I also know that even the most promising charts and phantom symptoms can end up being absolutely nothing. After 2 and a half years, I just want this to be it sooooo bad!

I really have tried not to get my hopes up too much but it's not working. I know if this cycle ends in a BFN, I am going to be completely and utterly devastated (and so will Curtis, I think)... I can't help it. I will deal with that when it comes but for now I am optimistic that we will have our July baby.

So I will leave you tonight with a link to my amazing chart...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

O has been confirmed!!!!

So I had my "did I O?" appointment today at 3 and everything looked really good. They are pretty sure I have ovulated from both sides and said Ovidrel was not necessary! OMG I am so excited! I go back on the 30th... If I have gotten a BFP by then, we will do betas. If no BFP and no AF, they will do a test in the office and we will go from there. If I've gotten AF or a BFN, we are done until after the move and the new insurance kicks in.

Curtis got to watch the whole u/s process and was really intrigued... now he's ready to go home and follow the nurse's orders to have lots of sex over the next few days. Stupid school is getting in the way of my baby making!

Well I'm off to take a test so until later... Have a good night!

So that's what that looks like!

A positive OPK! OMG! I thought I was feeling something weird earlier so I came home from school and immediately peed on an OPK. The test line popped up at about the same time as the control and immediately got darker. I am so excited and trying to stay optimistic. I will know more after my appointment tomorrow! God I hope this works!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cycle #....

Hell I lost count a long time ago. I don't know what cycle we are on... #1 (technically, 2) with Clomid and #5 charting. Anyway, I just realized I didn't update after my last "ending this cycle" post.

About a week after that post, AF showed (on her own!) after I had picked up my Prometrium (so that was a nice waste of $25... lol). So anywho, last Friday I went in for my CD2 ultrasound and they said everything looked good and I was to start Clomid the next day (Saturday). So I did... 100mg of Clomid for 5 days. Well that's done.

So now we wait (and have lots of sex... lol) I will start OPKs this weekend and do them probably twice a day until my next appointment (which is a week from today) to see if the Clomid is working. Then we decide if we should move forward with the Ovidrel or not.

There isn't much else going on... still BUSY with school and trying to find work (I'm a substitute teacher). I am working a 1/2 day tomorrow... hopefully more next week! We are still working on getting everything in order with the move, which is approaching more quickly than we realized!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New haircut and color!

Ok so I made a slideshow of my hair but for some reason I can't get it to play on here. If you click "View all images" it will take you to slideshow on my photobucket! Enjoy!