Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for a new me...

God willing, I smoked my last cigarette tonight. I've said this before and always cave and buy more but I did really well today (and all week for that matter). I need to be done... I've been saying this forever but all I can think about is how much money I'm blowing and the damage I'm doing to my body and our unborn children. It's time. I can do this and I will!

But that's not the only change I'm making. I am starting the South Beach Diet tomorrow morning... it sounds like it will be a difficult transition but something has to be done. I have about 30 pounds that I want to lose... and losing some weight will really help with the PCOS, thus only helping our chances of conception.

As of right now, all these major changes to my lifestyle seem impossible but I know they are not. It just takes some self control and motivation... 2 things I seem to have lost. As I said before, I CAN AND I WILL!

I'll keep you updated...


  1. I'm so glad to see that you have been doing so well! I really have faith that you can achieve anything you set your mind GOOD LUCK and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Good luck Insy!! This is a wonderful thing to do for yourself! My thoughts are with you!