Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Results are in!

This is going to be long... just a warning.

Yesterday was crazy! I thought I had a 10:30 am appointment with my RE to get our results but someone screwed up and scheduled me at the wrong office. So I had to go to the main office at 3:45 as a work-in and wait... I didn't actually get to see my RE until 5:40pm. But she was very apologetic for the mix-up (and the wait)... I really like her! And we will call her Dr. S now...

We will start with Curtis' S/A... everything was perfect! 97 million/ml, 4% abnormal.... everything is good with him. So now me - my HSG was all clear but my BW is where the results really came from. My cholesterol is a little high, TSH was normal... testosterone was high, LH and FSH are backwards - all consistent with PCOS. My insulin was pretty good though.

So now the plan: Well first, she gave me some prenatal samples because my PNV was making me sick. Dr. S wants me to start metformin this week... 2 pills twice a day but starting it in steps (start with one pill and increase weekly until I'm up to 4 pills). After one FULL cycle of met, we will start clomid. Dr. S is starting me on 50mg twice a day for 5 days, days 3-7. She wants me to have an "early cycle u/s" and another u/s about CD 14-17 (possibly another 5-7 days later if we don't see anything on the CD14-17 one). Depending on follicle development, I may get an injection of Ovidrel to help the egg along. If nothing happens, we will increase the dose. I will also start OPKs during all this and continue charting.

Dr. S said my egg reserve is very good and I'm at a pretty high risk for ovarian hyperstimulation so she is going to monitor me pretty closely. I'm still pretty optimistic and beyond thrilled to have a real plan!

Hm... I don't think I left anything out. Oh, other than the fact that Dr. S hugged me when I got ready to leave... totally random and caught me off guard! lol


  1. Glad you have a plan!! I'll be hoping/praying for you!

  2. Yay for plans! This all sounds really positive. I am happy for you.

  3. Looks like everything is in order and ready to move forward! GL to you guys!