Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not looking forward to this...

So... we were planning to go to AR in December when our lease is up here. FAIL. I found out today there isn't a school that my classes will transfer to up there and I won't be done with school until February. So then we thought we would just stay here on a month-to-month lease until I get out of school. DOUBLE FAIL. If we do that, they jack our rent up about $300 more than we are already paying... I don't think so.

The plan now? Curtis will go to AR in Dec. as planned when our lease is up. What about me? Well I get the joy of staying behind without my hubby for 2 months to finish school. I am going to stay with a friend while I finish school, then join him in Arkansas. I am so upset about having to do this... we have NEVER been apart for more than 1 night. I know it will work out and it is for the best but it is still tearing us both up. We will be able to visit each other when we have time between work and school but it will definitely suck to go to bed alone every night. Yes, I am whining but I think I'm allowed for now.

As for TTC, I have SUCKED at charting this cycle. I don't think I've temped in like a week... I did have some crazy EWCM a few days ago (which I've never had) and we took advantage of it with some Pre-Seed so maybe that will do the trick. I haven't really even thought about TTC with all this move stuff going on. I am upset because I know we are going to lose our insurance in a few months... I am a mess.

I know this will all work out for the best and we will be back on track eventually. I just keep praying... that's all I can do for now.


  1. I'll keep you guys in my prayers! Maybe while you are apart you can write each other old fashioned love letters - might be fun and it should certainly be exciting waiting for the next to arrive via snail mail!

  2. Keep your held up. I know it won't be easy, but this will all be for the best when you are both there.