Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Claus is coming...

Say WHAT?! Christmas is less than a month away?! You have got to be kidding me!

These last 4 months have FLOWN! I can't believe my sweet baby is already 4 months old... time really does go too fast. He is getting so big and is so much fun. I'm so amazed by him each and every day!

He is still being lazy and REFUSES to roll all the way over. I put him on his tummy and he gets insanely mad at me and just buries his head in the blanket and screams. I put him on his back and he will roll to his side and turn himself in a complete circle but you can forget that belly business. He hates it.

He LOVES to sit up though... we use the Bumbo a LOT. He loves to sit and watch me do various things (get ready, do dishes, sew) and play with his toys. He smiles constantly but he is very greedy with his laughs... Getting a laugh out of this child is like trying to break into Fort Knox but it is the cutest thing ever when he actually does it.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families and ate way too much, as usual. Zachary even got to try a little sweet potato :) other than little tastes here and there, he is still strictly on BM and that is working perfectly for us. I am planning to introduce cereal in the next couple weeks for spoon practice then on to homemade purees around or shortly after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we got our tree up yesterday and little man LOVES all the lights! We've also put a pretty big dent in our shopping, which is a huge relief since we usually wait til the last minute! And I'm so excited because we will have my stepsons for Christmas this year! It should be a ton of fun and I can't wait.

Unfortunately, that's all I've got for now since my child is refusing to sleep tonight.

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