Sunday, June 7, 2009


Either will do at this point... I would LOVE to have a BFP (of course) but hey, if AF wants to come on her own, I won't bitch. It's been over a year since I've had a non-Provera induced AF so to get her on my own would be a blessing. FF says I am now 17 DPO and I have 3 BFNs to show for it. I'm done testing for now... I'll probably test a couple more times before my doctor's appointment next month if I don't get AF before then but hopefully, she will show up! I've decided to stop obsessing over this (well I'm trying) and see what the RE has to say.

I will be starting school at Texas School of Business next Monday (woohoo!) and Curtis goes back to school this week. Between his work schedule, school for both of us and me babysitting, it's going to be pretty tiring around here but all very worth it! We still aren't sure when (or if) we will get the kids this summer... I'm pretty upset about that. I miss the boys soooo much!!

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