Thursday, October 15, 2009

O has been confirmed!!!!

So I had my "did I O?" appointment today at 3 and everything looked really good. They are pretty sure I have ovulated from both sides and said Ovidrel was not necessary! OMG I am so excited! I go back on the 30th... If I have gotten a BFP by then, we will do betas. If no BFP and no AF, they will do a test in the office and we will go from there. If I've gotten AF or a BFN, we are done until after the move and the new insurance kicks in.

Curtis got to watch the whole u/s process and was really intrigued... now he's ready to go home and follow the nurse's orders to have lots of sex over the next few days. Stupid school is getting in the way of my baby making!

Well I'm off to take a test so until later... Have a good night!

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  1. yay! Hope you ace your test and celebrate with Curtis tonight- it is doctors orders, after all.