Friday, October 30, 2009

New cycle, new options

Well I woke up with AF this morning I had an appointment with my RE to discuss the next cycle and had my baseline u/s. We talked with Dr. S about how to approach our next (and last) cycle. We discussed Clomid and decided we would stay at 100mg since that worked last time. Then she threw a curveball at us.

She said, since this is our last cyle before the move, we have the option of doing an IUI. Neither of us were expecting this and aren't real sure how we feel about it yet.

We will start Clomid on CD3 then OPKs about CD12. I go back in for a follie scan on CD14 (last cycle we did CD15 and I had already O'd so she wants to try to catch it before O to see what we are working with). We will decide before then if we will go forward with the IUI or leave it to Clomid.

I have also been an emotional mess.. I was so angry this morning and now I've just been crying off and on all day. I knew better than to get my hopes up so high!

Oh and do I dare even touch on my insurance company right now? My dr's office said, if we go with the IUI route, it would be covered at a $25 co-pay and my insurance is telling me its covered at 85/15. Make up my FVCKING mind!!

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