Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a week!

Well since my last post, Curtis and I have decided to cut off all treatments until after the move. It was a hard decision but I'm really ok with it... we just have so much other stuff going on, we decided it would be best. We are by no means TTA and will be beyond thrilled if we are blessed with a little miracle between now and whenever the time comes to start treatments again.

We are also dealing with A LOT of drama from his ex-wife... she is such a nightmare but is quickly burying herself and I will happily give her the shovel. I am just so fed up with her!

School is going by so quickly (thank God!)... I finish class #5 (of 7) Thursday night and am so excited. It's almost over!!! I have been getting a lot of packing done and am just ready to get this move over with!!

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