Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An update, of sorts...

It's been a little while since my last post but I have had A LOT going on. Shortly after my last post, I was in an accident that totaled my car. I am/was ok - just pretty shaken up... it was 100% the other persons fault. He pulled out in front of me on the highway. He completely admitted fault, his insurance paid and I got a new car. A 2004 Toyota Sequoia and I LOVE it... it's awesome.

Curtis has also started his new job and seems to really be loving it but we will see how long that lasts once he starts working 12-20 hours days. We are currently out of town for some work training... the company is paying for me to take a vacation and for him to take classes necessary to his job. We are staying in a really nice hotel for the week and I am loving the peace and quiet.

The boys have gone back to live with their mother... unfortunately :(. We were trying to keep this from happening but there wasn't much we could do at the time so we just decided to go with it rather than making the kids miserable by fighting with their mom. So we are getting all our ducks in a row then we will get them back.

I am also feeling much better, so I'm guessing the meds are working. We are looking into moving into a bigger house in the next month or so... I'm very hopeful and ready to move. However, if we move now, we will continue to TTC on our own until after the first of the year, then I will go back to the RE. We just don't want to dive into too much at once.

I also recently became a Pampered Chef consultant and I am LOVING that... such awesome products and a great opportunity to meet new people. Well I guess that's all I've got this time... so until later, much love to all my readers!

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