Sunday, July 3, 2011

He will come out, eventually

Yup... we are at that point. 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant with no signs of impending labor. Holy cow, I'm tired of being pregnant! I'm VERY anxious to meet my little man and definitely ready for my body to be my own again. I know he has to come out of there eventually so now we play the waiting game. As of last Monday, I'm not dilated at all so we will see what happens Wednesday when I go back.

Everyone is ready... we are now to a point where every time I see someone they say "You haven't had that kid yet?!" Curtis gives him little pep talks every night and Mommy has resorted to begging. I know every little bit they get to bake is a plus and I am very grateful for that, but it's HOT and even as I type this, I have little feet protruding into my rib cage. Um, OUCH!

His big brothers are very anxious to meet him, too. When Curtis took them back to their mom's last week, he assured them that he would be back to get them once the baby got here and Clay's response was: "How long is that going to take, Dad?" lol who knows, buddy.

So, once again, I leave you with pictures of an inside baby. A friend of ours took some family/maternity pictures last week and I just got them back today!

How far along?:38w3d
How big is baby?:
Watermelon (19-22in, 7lbs)

Weight gain/loss?: +30lbs
Stretch marks?:
I look like I’ve been attacked by a wild animal
Maternity clothes?:
Definitely… and even some of those don’t fit

Sleep?: I have been sleeping much better the last few days

Labor signs: He’s dropping but that’s about it
Food cravings?: Fruit

Gender?: Still a boy.
Movement?: oh yea… feet in ribcage, anyone?
Belly button?:
still in but getting smaller and very flat looking
What are you looking forward to this week?:
nothing in particular… praying for progress on Wednesday

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  1. He will come out! I promise! Keep us posted! Great pics!