Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still no baby.

I think he wants to stay in there forever. I am not a happy mama right now. I went back to the dr on Thursday, which was also my EDD and had still not made any progress. I cried for over an hour... especially after he said if I don't go on my own, it will be another 2 weeks before he will induce me. I think he hates me. So here I am... hot, miserable, cranky and over-due.

Then my grandma, who is a nurse at the hospital where I will be delivering (the only hospital for an hour), calls this morning to tell me to cross my legs and not let him come out. Why? Apparently everyone else is having babies and the L&D unit is over capacity... 16 beds and 17 new babies. Awesome.

No pics this week... I'm too lazy.


  1. He can't stay in there forever! He WILL come out I Promise!

    When is the full moon? If it is in the next few days....

  2. He will absolutely come out! I know you are miserable especially with the heat, but it will soon be a distant memory and you will be holding your precious little Zachary!