Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shots and Snow

That has been my day.

Zachary had his 4 month check up today and he did SO well! I love after lunch appointments... it went so fast! He weighs 14lbs, 2oz and is 24.5" long. He didn't even flinch with the first shot and didn't cry with the second until after she was done... I think she just hurt his feelings more than hurt him. Poor baby :(

Shortly after we got home, Curtis called and said for us to stay home because the snow was coming. I looked outside and thought he was making it up but sure enough, about 10 minutes later, it started sleeting. I got all excited for Zachary's first snow (not that he will remember) then it snowed for about 5 minutes. I was disappointed.

About 11pm, we started getting BIG flurries and they were/are falling FAST! But of course, Zac was already in bed :(

 I can't wait to see what we wake up to in the morning!

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