Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feel like poop!

I am getting sick... first time in a year. This time last year, it started exactly the same way it has this time and I ended up with the flu for two fucking weeks! I was miserable.... really hoping it's not that bad this time. I have been a little more proactive this time though so maybe I will get lucky. Curtis has not gotten sick yet but I'm sure he will be before it's all said and done. My poor hubby can't just get a cold... if he gets a cold it will (almost guaranteed) get brochitis too. YAY!

We still don't know when (or if) my sister-in-law is coming down here. First it was Saturday, then Monday and now I haven't heard from her.

Ok now that I'm done whining... I got an A on my Psychology test today! I studied for like 5 days for that stupid test and it paid off! Now if I could just motivate myself to study for A&P....

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