Monday, May 18, 2009

Where are you July?

Yes I am looking forward to July already... I have an RE appointment July 7th at 11am!! I am excited/anxious... I went ahead and made the appointment today and I'm glad I did. When I called, the lady told me the next available appointment wasn't until June 15th! We are waiting on insurance now... that's why I made the appointment so far out but I would not have been a happy camper to have to wait a month longer! lol I am just sooooo ready to get some answers because my chart sure as hell isn't providing any.... it looks like a trainwreck! I think Curtis is a little freaked out by all this though... we have talked about it but now that it's happening, he doesn't know what to expect. Plus, he has never had to go down this road so I think it weirds him out a little.

His new job is going GREAT! The benefits are amazing and he really seems to like it there! One of our friends from AR came to visit last week and we had a really good time but he did not want to go back home last night... poor guy! We did find out we won't be getting the boys this summer as planned... really long story but in short, Curtis' ex-wife is just being a bitch as usual. I feel so bad for Curtis... he is so upset about it but trying not to show it. Hopefully, come next April this won't be an issue anymore.

Otherwise, there isn't much going on around here... just trying to get back to normal (whatever normal is).

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