Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, that looks much better!

First, I owe a HUGE thank-you to the ladies who helped me with blog remodel. It looks so much better!! Maybe, just maybe, this revamp will help me be a better poster! Be sure to check out all the new features and grab my button!

So... here's what's new with us. I have been VERY busy with my new business (that's the way I like it!) and I still say I LOVE The Pampered Chef! I am gettings tons of free products and having a blast meeting new people. Tomorrow, I will be working a booth at the county fair so hopefully I can get some new contacts and fill in some more dates on my already full calendar!

We move into our new house on October 5th and I am sooo excited! If only I could find the time to pack between birthday parties, Cooking Shows, and a trip to Texas coming up. I should be fine though... after this week, I'll be packing during the week and working weekends.

Clay turns 8 on Sunday, which just seems insane to me. He was 3 when Curtis and I met and has grown so much. We are having his party on Saturday so that should be fun :)

Curtis is still enjoying his job, though he's exhausted! We are getting in a pretty good routine and things are going really well. The company even paid for us to have dinner at a Hibachi grill tonight! It was us, about 12 other roughnecks, 1 other woman and a baby... I'm glad I didn't have to pick up that tab! lol

Ok well it's bedtime! Early day tomorrow... sorry this was so long! Once I become a better blogger, I will have less to update at once! Much love!

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