Friday, March 25, 2011

24 weeks!

Holy cow... that's viability! It's all starting to seem very real... especially when we can see my belly moving now!

Some people say "OMG you are already 24 weeks?!"

I say: "I'm only 24 weeks?!"

Seriously... I feel like I've been pregnant way longer than that. My back hurts. My feet hurt. I am not sleeping worth a damn. I'm just completely uncomfortable most of the time. And, while the anxiety is definitely starting to creep up on me, I'm still loving being pregnant. I love feeling him move. His little kicks are by far the greatest feeling in the world.

Yes, I look tired. Guess what... I am.

This shirt was a gift from my parents... I LOVE it! lol

This was also a gift from a "Secret Mommy" exchange. Curtis is a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan... he asked who he got to kiss for this one! lol

How far along?: 24w1d
How big is baby?:
Eggplant; 9in, 1.7lbs

Weight gain/loss?: +22 pounds
Stretch marks?:
None yet
Maternity clothes?:
Definitely, other than t-shirts and pj pants

Sleep?: haha… yes, please!
Food cravings?: queso, queso, queso
Still a boy!
Movement?: A little stronger every day. We can see my belly move now!
Belly button?:
Found by baby but unchanged
What are you looking forward to this week?:
nothing in particular… next appt and my bday in 2 weeks!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Viability was when I finally started to breathe again. You look great! I'm sorry to say that sleeping is not going to get any easier. By the end I wanted my water to break so I could go to the hospital and get my epidural, take a nap and not be bothered with laboring at home waiting for contractions to be 5 mins apart. LOL. Funny that in the end, that's what happened :)

  2. Thanks! I seem to be sleeping best when I have the bed to myself after the hubs goes to work at 2:30am.