Sunday, May 1, 2011

29 weeks (and other stuff)

What a week! I am now 29 weeks (YAY!) and getting ready for little man's arrival, little by little. We are ordering his nursery furniture tomorrow!

My parents were here from TX last weekend, which was awesome but very exhausting! It was so good to see them, since it had been October since I had seen them last. We have also had some hellacious weather this week, from tornadoes to flooding. It has been ugly but thankfully everyone is safe and we didn't get any damage (though, my FIL was without power for nearly a week!). Now, it won't stop raining and we are having flash flooding all over the state... YUCK!!!

29 weeks!
Flooding from the creek next to my house
My back yard... AKA "Lake Poulnott"

How far along?: 29w3d
How big is baby?:
Butternut squash; 17in, 3.1 lbs

Weight gain/loss?: not sure where I'm at now
Stretch marks?:
they are making their appearance
Maternity clothes?:

Sleep?: much better than before
Food cravings?: Banana popsicles... I miss my Papaw!!

Gender?: Still a boy.
Movement?: he has been very active... his new thing is to curl up in one spot so I have lumps of baby lol
Belly button?:
it looks really weird but still in
What are you looking forward to this week?:
our first childbirth class is Thursday then I finally get to see my stepsons on Friday and a birthday party for Alex on Saturday!

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  1. Stay safe! I keep watching on TV and saying prayers for the people in the flooding areas!