Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sickly Mama

That has been me this week.

What started out as an annoying sore throat turned into a full-fledged, please kill me now cough/cold. And when I say cough, I mean coughing so hard that I was having contractions, dry-heaving and peeing on myself. Sexy, right?

Tuesday night I had my first visit to L&D, which was pretty uneventful. They determined that I was having quite a few contractions but they weren't progressive at all so, after about an hour of listening to Zachary's heartrate and being "checked" twice, I got to go home. But did they give me anything for the contraction-causing cough? Hell no. Told me to call the OB the next morning.

So I did. Only then did I learn that my OB AND nurse are off until next Wednesday! So I left a message for the on-call nurse at 8:30am. When no one had called me back at noon, I went up there, only for the receptionist to tell me the nurse was busy and would get back to me. Guess who still hasn't heard from the doctor's office (and all this happened yesterday)?! Yup, that would be me. I am not happy and I will be letting my dr know when I see him next Friday.

But I'm not a patient person. I finally got sick of waiting for them to call and just went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist, who was very helpful. Now armed with Robitussin-DM, Tylenol Cold & Sinus Night & Day, Vicks nasal spray and vapo-rub, a bag of cough drops and a roll of toilet paper, I am feeling a little better. I have not coughed myself into contractions in over 12 hours and I got some sleep last night. But OMG does my whole body hurt from coughing!

After all that, I'm sure it is safe for you to assume that I don't have a 32 week bump pic. No way am I sharing pictures of my sickly self with the world! lol Stay tuned for my 33 week pics and survey... hopefully I will have those by the end of the weekend.

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