Sunday, April 5, 2009

Families can be a real PITA!

I knew our amazing weekend was too good to be true... thanks mom (and aunt and drama seeking friend). I won't go into great detail but basically somehow it got miscontrued that Curtis is inconveinced by my family. This is not at all the case but whatever. What's done is done and I will clean up the mess but I am also going to grow a spine and stand up to my mom. I have always let my mom tell me what to do and let her pull the guilt trip card so she could get her way and I'm done. I have a new family now and while I love my parents and will never ever push them away, it's time for them to understand that and they can respect it or not. I will be very upset if this puts a wedge between us but I'm not going to be taken advantage of anymore. Maybe I'm being rash but everything that happened today only happened because my mom thinks she can control everyone. I love my husband and he is right in this situation and I will stand behind that. My mom is going to have to understand that respect is a 2-way street and frankly I don't think she respects anyone but herself sometimes.

We had a great visit with new friends that I am very grateful for. I think we have built amazing friendships this weekend and I can't wait to see where it goes. Next weekend, my FIL will be here so that should be fun. This will be his first time here and it's my birthday weekend but after next weekend, I will be ready for a quiet weekend at home (with no company). I love having people to visit but 2 weekends in a row is almost pushing it! lol

Minus the family drama, things are great with me and Curtis. I think fell in love with him all over again this weekend... he has been so sweet and helpful and just overall amazing. He does have 2 interviews this week (which I think I've already mentioned) and we are praying with everything we've got in us that at least one of them pulls through. We could definitely use some good luck and some pick-me-up... Oh and after failing miserably with our diet this last week (and especially this weekend), it's time to get back on track!! Until next time.....

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