Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Yup today was my 22nd birthday! The day was much better than I thought it was going to be. Originally, Curtis was supposed to work but he got sent home early so I was happy. I was supposed to have lunch with my mom but my aunt conned her into babysitting so she gave me money and me and Curtis went to eat and had the most AMAZING lunch! Thanks mom! Then we went to walk around the mall for a while and came home since we both had class tonight. Overall it was a very good day! Oh I forgot about my meltdown because I couldn't find my "Kiss Me, It's My Birthday" pin that I've had for 4 years... very sad time.

We decided the end of last week to sell our motorcycle so Monday I posted it on Ebay and Craiglist and have had so many hits off CL from it (none on Ebay though). We actually spoke to a guy today that is very serious about it and wants to get together Saturday to buy it so YAY!!!! Curtis has 2 job interviews tomorrow so our fingers and toes are crossed tight for good news from at least one of them!

My FIL will be here Saturday to spend the weekend with us so that should be fun... overall this week has already been MUCH better than last so I am hopeful for a positive turnaround. Well I'm outta here for tonight... until next time

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