Friday, April 3, 2009

I fell behind this week...

I haven't updated since Monday... what is wrong with me?! This week has been pretty boring. AF sucked horribly! I had the worst cramps and backache this week and I am attributing that to the m/c. My Vitex should be here any day now so I am hoping that will work. I am glad that AF was only here a full 5 days and wasn't all that heavy.

I did have a meltdown this afternoon when my BFF informed me that she might be pg with #3... it just stings to hear about and I had a "Why not me?!" moment. I wish them the best and I know when it is our time, God will bless us with a baby of our own.

Curtis has 2 interviews next week; one at UPS on Tuesday and one at T-Mobile (but I don't know what day). I am keeping everything crossed and praying at least one of them turns into a new job. Speaking of jobs, I am still waiting to hear back from Einsteins... if they don't call this weekend, I will call them Monday morning.

We have company this weekend so it will be pretty busy but I'll post an update as soon as I have one! A little prayer for some good luck would be much appreciated!!!!!

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