Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nothing to see...

Yea it's been pretty boring in the P household here lately. Curtis and I went to shoot today and I actually hit the target... there's an idea! LOL I've never been good with aim and the "range officer" reminded me of that today. Jerk. We are still waiting on an update from T-Mobile to let Curtis know which store he will be working at... I hate the waiting game.

I am getting back on the diet wagon Monday... I fell off and I'm ready to get back on and get some results! The semester is ALMOST over... only 3 more weeks! Then I get a short break and it's back to school for 8 months. Oh and my body still hates me... I'm hoping todays obnoxious dip was an O dip. Only time will tell.

There has been a new development with the kids this week which I won't get into but it looks like the plan is to start fighting for custody as soon as our lease it up and we can get into a house. Wish us luck! Well that's all I've got for now...

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