Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok so the interview went great... the woman seemed to really like me so I'm just waiting. She said they needed to hire a couple new waitresses and would be making their decision this weekend. Hopefully I will know something by Monday.

Curtis scheduled his A+ certification exam (computer stuff) for Monday... 2 days from now. I have faith in him... he seems to really know his stuff and he has been studying his butt off for it (not that he had much of one to begin with). We are hoping once he passes it, he will be able to find a good/decent job!

I'm am *still* waiting for AF. I finished the Provera last night so now AF has 14 days to show her face before we move on to Plan B. I just hope she shows soon... However, I have decided to try Vitex. I will be getting some in the next couple days to start on the new cycle. Well I'm headed to bed... I have to work tomorrow and we are going out tomorrow night for my mom's birthday. Should be fun!

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