Thursday, March 26, 2009

So stressed

I am not going to post all the details as to not air *all* my dirty laundry on the internet but things are just not going our way lately! When it rains, it pours and, well I think the whole effing sky fell out on me today!

I have had an amazing shoulder to lean on and I thank you so much (you know who you are)! I'm sure you are getting pretty tired of listening to me bitch and moan but I'm hoping things will turn around very soon!

On another note, Curtis is doing amazing with our diet... he has already lost about 15 pounds! Me... well I'm not doing bad but the weight isn't coming off as fast for me as it is for him lol.

I'm still waiting *not so patiently* on AF. I'm sure all the stress isn't helping but she needs to come on seriously! Well I'm headed to bed for tonight... *dreams of good luck coming my way*

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