Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a day!

One that I am not all that sad to see go. I woke up (late) this morning to go take a Microbiology test that I didn't study for at all so I am freaking out a little about that grade (which I won't get until AFTER Spring Break). But it's my own fault... I was lazy. On my way home from this test, I ran out of gas.. first time ever. I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't stop to get gas before my test (Curtis was supposed to put gas in the car yesterday) and I was planning to stop on my way home from the test to get gas but I didn't make it. Well just before I ran out of gas, I discovered Curtis' phone was in the car with me but thanks to modern technology and some really great friends, I was able to get a hold of him to bring me some gas. Oh it gets better! Once I got a hold of him, we discovered that his truck keys were also in my car (I'm not sure where is brain was last night). So, he had to ride the bike, in the rain and cold to come get the truck keys from me. Then, come back home to get the truck and the gas can and come back to me. This long process took about an hour... keep in mind I was sitting in the car on the freeway (well the shoulder) the whole time. Getting gas would've taken 5 minutes... I won't make that mistake again! I am usually so anal about making sure my car has gas in it... apparently not today!

I did have some AF type cramping today so I am hoping, just maybe, I will start on my own! If I do, it will be the first time in over a year that I have had a period without Provera... here's hoping!

I am still working Project No Smoking... still not completely done but getting there. I have had 4 today.

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  1. ::Cheers Lindsey on in Project No Smoking:: You CAN do it!! Wow, that is crazy about running out of gas. That sounds kinda miserable! I let mine get dangerously low sometimes. I bet you won't anymore though!!