Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School update

Change seems to be in store...

After doing some research, I emailed the Texas School of Business last night re: their medical assistant program. So I got a phone call from an advisor about 3 pm and have a meeting with her tomorrow at 1pm!

So some details/differences:
1.) The program at TSB is 8 months. 6 months of that is spent in class and 2 months spent working at a doctors office. If all goes well in those 2 months, the job turns to permenant position. If something does not work out there, job placement at the school will find me another office to work for (but I'm hoping it works wonderfully).

HCC's program is a year and they don't have near the job placement TSB seems to.

2.) Classes are flexible - 8am - 12pm Monday through Friday or 5:30pm - 10:30pm Monday through Thursday.

3.) I take in my tax info and they take care of the financial aid for me and will tell me right then and there what I qualify for. So no more headache over financial aid!

I am excited and anxious... something has got to change around here!

On the TTC front, I am not dealing well with TTA... I'm trying to remind myself that it's for the best but it's not working so well. We shall see...

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