Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It has been a good day!

So Curtis and I got up this morning to go turn in a couple resumes and just get out the house for a while. While we were out, we decided to stop by Sprint so he could talk to a manager (he turned in his resume last week). He went in and the guy interviewed him on the spot and said he was going to forward Curtis' resume to the HR lady and then e-mail Curtis some paperwork to fill out and then they would disucss a start date. The guy said he would have the paperwork to him by the first part of next week. He will receive a base salary, plus commission and hopefully decent benefits. This is such good news!!!

Also, I will be starting provera tonight so with any luck, AF will be where by the end of the week and I can rid myself of this stupid cycle!


  1. That is great news!! I didn't realize you were having a such a long cycle. I hope Provera hurries up AF and that you get your bfp that cycle!

  2. That's great! Hope YH gets to start soon! Sorry about your long cycle, hope the provera does the trick and you can move forward!