Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Texas School of Business... and other stuff

Well I had my "interview" today at Texas School of Business. Everything was great! I can't start until May (and will finish in February 2010). I was hoping to be able to start right away (and finish in December) but I can't because of financial aid. You can only receive aid at one school at a time and I am already receiving aid at HCC so I have to wait until the semester ends in May.

The in class time is roughly 7 months. It is one class at a time and the classes last about 4 weeks for a total of 7 classes. Once I finish all 7 classes, I move on to an unpaid externship. If I can manage 40 hours of the externship a week, I will finish in about a month. But because it is unpaid, I will still have to work so if it becomes too much to do all at once, I can do 20 hours a week of the externship and finish it in about 2 months. It's only for a month, so I am hoping I can just suck it up and get it done so I can get hired on and start making some money! The class sizes are very small (10-15 students) so I am excited about that! AND Curtis already said I could practice drawing blood on him! LOL

In other news, I got a 94 on my A&P test that I studied so hard for! Also, our best friends in Arkansas finally got internet so I can talk to my best friend more now and get pictures of my nephews!!! Overall, it has been a pretty good day in the Poulnott house!

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