Tuesday, March 10, 2009


These last few days have been insane and borderline nightmare!

After working all weekend, my sister spent the night with us Sunday night and Curtis and I got in a huge fight... over NOTHING! He decided to "be one of the guys" and go play basketball with some friends knowing his knee has been giving him issues. Well, needless to say, he spent all night Sunday (and most of the day Monday) in pain. He thought, Sunday night, that being in pain gave him an excuse to be a jerk and I had to stand my ground and make him realize that this is not the way it works. So, after taking my sister to school Monday morning, we talked and he apologized and was very sweet the rest of the day... and I took care of him and his knee because I'm just a good wife like that lol.

School is going well... just stressful this week! I have a paper due Thursday, a test Thursday and another test Saturday so I guess I will be pretty busy this week!

Our stress level is skyrocketing with all this job and school drama... oh the joys of married life! Ok whine fest over now...

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