Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time will tell...

So as some of you may know, Curtis and I have been having some problems. We have been fighting and arguing like crazy and I have just felt like we were falling apart.... I knew a lot of it had to do with stress but we have always been so good about not turning on each other when things got rough.

So... after he snapped at me this morning and I got my feelings hurt, I started doing some thinking and decided it was time to talk. We had a long talk about the way we were both feeling and worked our way through it. I really do love him more than anything and hate when we get in these dry spells.

In other news: I have smoked my last cigarette today. I have been wanting to quit for a while now... just never had enough motivation I guess. Well, after I did the math and realized how much money we were spening on my bad habit, I decided it was time to quit. I also have been using it as an excuse to not get back in shape because I don't feel healthy when I'm smoking. I want to be healthy for myself and our phantom baby when we start TTC again. I am aware of all the health risks associated with smoking, including fertility issues and don't want to hinder our chances any further and indanger my health and more than I already have.

Time will tell and I pray for the best!

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  1. Congrats on trying to quit smoking!! It's definitely the best game plan before TTC again. GL!!